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Floating Points

Floating Points has steered a special instalment of the Essential Mix - tune in below.

The producer recently released debut full length 'Elaenia' on his own Eglo imprint, and followed this with some spectacular live shows.

Refusing to hold back, Floating Points' Essential Mix is a wonderfully wide-ranging affair. Billed as an "eclectic mix journeying from latin to disco to jazz to techno" that just about sums it up - from deep cuts to all out bangers, it's a supple yet subtle affair.

Clash recently spoke to the producer - real name Sam Shepherd - about his approaching to DJing, and he offered up a few pearls of wisdom.

"The most fun I have as a DJ is to take music that doesn't belong in the club in the traditional sense and play it in a club," he said. "To re-contextualise records that weren't designed for club use, maybe were designed for opera theatres or wherever, and play them in a club. Then to see people dancing to it like it were a techno record, like it were a disco record... that for me is really fun."

Check out Floating Points' Essential Mix HERE.

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