It's prompted by the legacy of the First World War...

Field Music share ‘Money Is A Memory’ ahead of their concept album ‘Making a New World’.

The record that will be released on 20 January deals with the after-effects of the first World War. The band will introduce their album on a record shop tour throughout the UK. Fields Music will also play bigger UK live dates in February. In these they will combine the concept album with visuals created by guitarist Kevin Dosdale.

The Imperial War Museum provided the starting point, an image of a 1919 publication about munition. They have taken a modern approach to it. It’s not an album about war and neither about remembrance in any traditional sense. The symbolism is portrayed through everyday tasks that we have come accustomed to.

In their most recent single ‘Money Is A Memory’ they depict an office worker in the German Treasury preparing documents for the final instalment on reparation debts. The track reminds us that even now we are still living with the aftermath of it.

David Brewis comments:

"The whole album is really about consequences, and how the consequences of that war are still with us. 'Money Is A Memory' is probably the most explicit example of that - decisions that were made a hundred years ago still casting a shadow." 

"The initial premise is a bit comical - the admin assistant going through their bureaucratic duties - but buried away inside those papers you can imagine the echoes of millions of lives being turned upside down."

Tune in now.

- - -

'Making A New World' will be released on January 10th.

Words: Lauren deHollogne

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