Brooklyn shoegaze types...
Field Mouse

The ongoing shoegaze resurgence has flowered in a few notorious hotspots.

Brooklyn, for example, isn't exactly lacking in new bands who worship at the house of fuzz. Yet amongst the identikit dream poppers are a handful of true, genuine gems.

Gems like Field Mouse. Everything from the band's name to their choice of guitar pedal seems to focus on a search for beauty, a coyness, a shyness which feels utterly genuine.

Signed to Topshelf Records, debut album 'Hold Still Life' will be released on July 22nd. According to the band themselves, it's "inspired by burgeoning adulthood, social overload and isolation, life in New York, and the realization that life is going by with a terrifying swiftness."

New cut 'Two Ships' gives an idea of what to expect, with Field Mouse adding a subtle undercurrent of darkness alongside their heavenly vocals.

Listen to it now.

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