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Eliza Shaddad is previewing her upcoming 'Run' EP with new cut 'Wars'.

An artist who continually seeks to move forward, Eliza Shaddad has blossomed in the 12 months since the rising songwriter first caught our eye.

Working with producer Chris Bond on new EP 'Run', her work has a literate, emotive edge that is both intelligent and completely humane.

New cut 'Wars' is online now, and the songwriter describes it as an apt introduction to her next step. Eliza:

"'Wars' is the gateway to this whole release, it was the first song written for the EP, and the first sign of this more brutal sound. We were playing it live as a band and it was getting louder and grungier and crashier each time and it felt so good that when it came to recording I just wanted it to kind of implode. Lyrically it’s about fighting to hold something in, and I think musically we’ve created something that really supports that – ethereal, almost eerily controlled vocals gliding over a bed of increasingly rolling turmoil. Best unleashed loud."

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