Joel Ford and Leanne Macomber pair up...

Joel Ford and Leanne Macomber are set to pair up on new project Ejecta - stream their debut single 'Jeremiah (The Denier)'.

Joel Ford is no stranger to collaboration. The retro-Futurist producer has placed his name against countless projects, notably with fellow synth-boffin Daniel Lopatin.

However the producer has rarely taken part in something as pure, as pop as Ejecta. A duo, the project is completed by the vocals of Leanne Macomber - who has previously worked with Neon Indian.

The songwriting is seemingly led by Macomber, with Joel Ford taking the producer's chair. An album is due out this Autumn, but for now Ejecta are content to deliver the pristine songcraft of debut single 'Jeremiah (The Denier)'.

Opening with bubbling synths and Leanne Macomber's effortless vocals, there's a sun bleached feel, an atmosphere of late nights on the beach with the sand still warm underfoot.

Gloriously romantic, you can listen to it below.

Ejecta are set to release their debut album later this year.

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