Taken from the new Marshall Teller sampler...
Marshall Teller

A vital force in London's indie scene, Marshall Teller Records have been responsible for unearthing some of our favourite acts.

The label recently confirmed plans for a roster-wide celebration, with new compilation 'Broken Record Vol. 1' due to be released on August 18th.

Featuring a plethora of specially recorded tracks, highlights include Grass House tackling The Every Brothers, Great Ytene covering a classic Orange Juice track and Potty Mouth live from New York's Glasslands.

Echo Lake have donated new cut 'This Year' and it's a blissful slice of shoegaze. Sparse yet emotionally engrossing, you can listen to it below:

'Broken Record Vol. 1' is set to be released on August 18th. Tracklisting:

1. Winter Drones - ­ Moving Eyes (I Dont mind )
2. Echo Lake - ­ This Year
3. Joane Skyler – Lakmir
4. Geat Ytene - ­ Untitled Melody (Orange Juice Cover)
5. The History Of Apple Pie - ­ Shake (featuring Gary Jarman, The Cribs)
6. Cheatahs - ­ National
7. Parlour - ­ Slow Down
8. Warm Brains - ­ Now That I'm Boring
9. Dignan Porch - ­ Heavy On The 5
10. Grass House - ­ All I have To Do Is Dream (The Everly Brothers Cover)
11. Potty Mouth - ­ The Spins (Live Grassland NYC)
12. The Vaccines - ­ Blow It up (Tom Furse Remix, The Horrors)

Bonus DL with vinyl only tracks...
Psychic Markers - Blow Away The Wind
Not Cool - ­ M.I.S.T.Y
Parakeet -­ Magic Queen (Alternative Version)

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