New track emerges...

Dirty Projectors are streaming new cut 'Gun Has No Trigger', with a new album seemingly in the works.

With the release of 'Bitte Orca' in 2009, Dirty Projectors finally gained the recognition they deserve as a potent new voice in North American guitar music. Since then, the band have collaborated with Bjork, before recording sessions kicked off in earnest last year.

A new album is mooted for Spring, with fresh material appearing online at the tail end of last week. 'Gun Has No Trigger' is presumably destined to appear on Domino's upcoming flexi-zine Smuggler's Way.

Featuring some gorgeous vocal work and typically forward thinking songcraft, you can stream 'Gun Has No Trigger' below.

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Speaking to Spin, leader David Longstreth revealed that in order to focus on the band's second album he holed himself up in an old house in rural Delaware County, New York. "The first four months of the year, I was building fires in the wood stove and using New York Times papers from 1994 as kindling. It was weird to read some of the articles from back then before I burned them."

"The winter was tough. I got stuck a few times, which sucked. I have one neighbor up the road named Gary. He loves Keystone Light. He's towed me out of the driveway a couple of times. This place is seriously haunted."

Dirty Projectors are seemingly set to release their new album this Spring.

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