A divine collaboration...

San Francisco based producer Denley is able to conjure sweeping atmospheres with just a handful of notes.

Wispy, flavoured electronics, each track feels like entering a specific world, a specific landscape. Pairing up with Briana Marela, new cut 'Following A Lie' adds breathy, sumptuous vocals as a counterpoint to his synth pointillism.

Opening with warm swathes of sound, Briana's voice pierces through like a lighthouse in swirling fog. The lyrics focus on the feeling that life can be pre-ordained, and swaps the traditional working class experience for moribund modernity.

"My parents are originally from Leeds in the north of England. They, and my grandparents alike, described occasionally feeling as though their life was predestined. Billy Bragg described this in his 1983 song 'To Have And to Have Not': "The factories are closing and the army's full / I don't know what I'm going to do / But I've come to see in the Land of the Free / There's only a future for the chosen few..." Men could end up working in a factory for the rest of their life or getting drafted, and women felt as though they were destined for a life of domesticated housewife-dom."

"This inspired 'Following A Lie' and the songs on my upcoming 'Close, Within Reach' EP... the feeling of wanting to replace mundane drudgery with freedom of expression and emotional betterment ... the idea that when we feel at our most downtrodden, that something else is out there waiting to be tapped into."

Check it out now.

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