A down beat, moving version of 'Get Lucky'

Daughter recorded a special version of Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky' for Huw Stephens' Radio 1 show - listen to it now.

The return of Daft Punk have been one of the most joyous musical events in a long, long time. New single 'Get Lucky' stunned fans, matching the French duo's production to guitar work from Nile Rodgers and a vocal from Pharrell Williams.

It's a euphoric single, a party soundtrack from a group of musicians who have soundtracked more parties than even they probably realise. However Daughter have spotted something unsettling, something melancholic at its core.

Entering the Radio 1 studios to chat with Huw Stephens, the 4AD signed trio delivered a spellbinding rendition of 'Get Lucky'. Slowing the tempo, the arrangement is delicately wrought yet largely faithful to the original.

Elena Tonra’s vocals steal the show, adding a sense of scorn and betrayal which is entirely absent from Daft Punk's production.

Listen to it now.

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