Including guest slots from Eleanor Friedberger and more...

The new Daniel Johnston project 'Space Ducks' is streaming online - listen to it below.

Rightly lauded for his idiosyncratic songwriting, Daniel Johnston is also a fantastic illustrator. Recently confirming plans for an ambitious graphic novel, 'Space Ducks' encompasses his love of both music and comic books.

'SPACE DUCKS: AN INFINITE COMIC BOOK OF MUSICAL GREATNESS' will be complimented by a standalone album and an iPhone app. A typically imaginative work, the graphic novel was launched last month at SXSW during an invitation only show.

Now available to buy, the graphic novel is accompanied by a separate album featuring contributions from Eleanor Friedberger and more.

Stream the 'Space Ducks' album in its entirety below.

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It's also a little known fact that ClashMusic once tracked Daniel Johnston down for a quick phone interview. At one point he laughed and said: "It’s one of the healthiest things that I do, making music. I try to do it a lot otherwise I just go crazy!"

Read the full interview HERE.

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