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'Young Death' / 'Nightmarket' artwork

On Friday (November 25th) the team at Hyperdub got a rather rude surprise.

Sonic Boom Records in Toronto had begun selling Burial's new (and previously announced) 12 inch as part of their Black Friday celebrations.

Moving quickly, Hyperdub have put a full, proper release in place, with the vinyl pressing selling out almost instantly.

Available via Bandcamp, fans can stream both 'Young Death' and 'Nightmarket' in full - and they're certainly worth it.

'Young Death' utilises R&B samples in the vocal, with Burial de-constructing the piece and then collating the fragments in his own, grey-flecked manner.

'Nightmarket' is rather more sombre, a mournful piece that at times recalls the shattered remains of trance, left to gestate at the bottom of the ocean.

Tune in below.

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