Night Slugs head honcho returns...
'Your Charismatic Self' artwork

One of the pioneering voices behind Night Slugs, Bok Bok prefers to remain in the shadows and let the music do the talking.

When he does emerge, though, the producer tends to deliver a sharp upper cut, a knock out blow that raises the bar for all around him.

More than two years on from 'Southside EP' and its celebrated anthem 'Silo Pass', Bok Bok is ready to return. 'Your Charizmatic Self' is set to be released on May 26th, and it promises to be another bout of fluorescent futurism.

Fragmented machine funk re-built around a grime chassis, the EP opens with the already sought after Kelela collaboration 'Melba's Call'.

Newly placed online, 'Howard' is all sharp angles and metallic edges, gleaning in the vivid light of pure white sun.

Check it out now.

'Your Charismatic Self' is set to be released on May 26th. Tracklisting:

1. Melba’s Call
2. Howard
3. Greenhouse (Day)
4. Funkiest (Be Yourself)
5. Greenhouse (Night)
6. Da Foxtrot
7. Melba’s Call (Instrumental)

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