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Reach for the Dead

Boards of Canada have placed new track 'Reach For The Dead' online - listen to it below.

Boards of Canada's return has raised more questions than it has solved. The teaser campaign for new album 'Tomorrow's Harvest' was immaculately handled, leading to that fateful announcement last month.

Hosting a special event in Tokyo, the duo aired a short film. Almost immediately, poorly recorded footage of the visuals hit the web, giving a flavour of the atmosphere but cruelly stripping back the fidelity of the music.

Now Boards of Canada have placed the clip online. 'Reach For The Dead' is stripped from the new album, and comes accompanied by a film by Neil Krug.

Dwelling on the post-apocalyptic themes which run through the album as a whole, the film uses footage from abandoned ghost towns in what appears to be the United States.

Switching to a camera flying through the lower atmosphere, the clip ends by focussing on a rectangle pattern placed in the sky before fading into pure white sun.

Watch it below.

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'Tomorrow's Harvest' is set to be released on June 10th.


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