Nashville fuzz pop newcomers with bundles of charm...
Big Surr

Each day Clash will be sent several tunes from new bands who tag themselves as 'fuzz pop'.

However it's remarkable how many of them neglect the 'pop' aspect. It's so easy to get lost in those dream-like guitar effects, those swathes of heavenly vocals, that few really hone in on their songwriting.

Nashville's Big Surr however, place equal emphasis on 'fuzz' and 'pop' - so you get candyfloss melody sitting against barbed wire guitar riffs.

New cut 'Sometimes' is blessed with innate charm, a three minute bubblegum banger that practically demands you hit REPEAT until your speakers melt.

Tune in now.

Big Surr are set to release their new album 'In Business' early next year.

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