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'Soft Like Clay'

Beaty Heart sound like no one else around.

The inquisitive South London trio continually explore fresh territory, matching experimental whims against a potent pop edge.

New single 'Soft Like Clay' emerges on May 13th, and it's a clear indication of what to expect on forthcoming album 'Till The Tomb' (due on July 29th).

Lurid hues and vivid tones mingle, with Beaty Heart's flouro-pop tendencies sitting neatly alongside a near Brutalist sense of sound.

Beaty Heart: "We wrote 'Soft Like Clay' in an asbestos haze on a building site in Peckham. We were too broke to afford a rehearsal space, so we ended up in a friend's basement, surrounded by earthy colours, dust, trash and bricks, which inspired a fractious sounding song about transformation."

"The lyrics were a reaction to the constant anxiety and tension which many artists experience as they attempt to forge a path that conflicts with the expectations and demands of society, or reality. If you read the lyrics based on that information, you might perceive a slightly defeatist atmosphere, suggesting a readiness to submit to these demands. But an alternate interpretation portrays a person willing to change and adapt positively to the influence and love of another."

"During the writing and recording process, this song was constantly being changed and re-moulded, and initially we struggled to find a structure and tonal direction that we were happy with. The anxiety portrayed in the lyrics is a pretty accurate reflection of the song's creation."

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