A moment of calm...
Allred & Broderick

Collaborative duo Allred & Broderick have shared new cut 'Hey Stranger' - listen to it now.

Peter Broderick and collaborator David Allred first met in 2012, and immediately found that they shared common ground.

Working sporadically with one another, the pair recently decided to focus on a full length album.

Allred & Broderick will release new LP 'Find The Ways' on April 7th, with the pair sharing new cut 'Hey Stranger'.

Allred explains: "'Hey Stranger' is about an old friend that I will refer to as J, who disappeared about five years ago. J was a close friend throughout most of my life but was also one of the most perplexing individuals I've ever known. He had a very off-beat relationship with his family and most friends due to his intense personality which inevitably deteriorated his relationship with almost everyone he crossed paths with."

"He has no online presence or any clear existing indication that he's still out there in the world which is the most unsettling feeling for me, but for some reason over the past year I have been getting the idea that he will pop up on the street at any moment when I least expect it."

A moving introduction, it presents a moment of calm that uses sparsity to create something quietly intense.

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