Lionel Boy Explores The Blurred Lines Of Friendship With ‘SHDWS’

It's a dreamy new song...

LA based Lionel Boy has shared his drifting, soothing new song 'SHDWS'.

The songwriter's recent EP 'UP AT 4' was a dynamic offering, the first aspect of a two-part project.

Incoming EP 'DOWN AT 8' presents an alternate side to their art, presenting Lionel Boy at his most introspective.

'SHDWS' peers into friendship, and it's the first sign of the incoming EP, which lands on June 17th through Innovative Leisure.

A drifting, dreamy piece of indie pop, he uses the space in the lyrics to pull back on different aspects of friendship, wondering where truth lies.

He comments…

"I listen to people speak about their 'friends' and I think, 'are you really friends?' I guess I wrote this song in observation of that—how people in my life have these friendships that seem to really frustrate them but, for whatever reason, they continue to keep close. Friendships where there’s usually more bad to say than good. They go out with them… and then complain about going out with them. Maybe they don’t know they can do better… maybe they’re just as bad a friend… but it made me think that we’re all just shadows making friends with other shadows."

"And that’s not how I want to navigate friendships in my own life; it’s too much work to have to suit up every night just to go out and spend time with someone I don’t even like being around."

Soothing songwriting with a sting in the tail, you can check out 'SHDWS' below.

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