Lindstrøm Announces New Album ‘Everyone Else Is A Stranger’

It's out on July 14th...

Lindstrøm will release new album ‘Everyone Else Is A Stranger’ on July 14th.

The Norwegian producer stretches disco to its outermost limit, his analogue synth constructions operating in a genre tag of their own. New album ‘Everyone Else Is A Stranger’ continues his journey, and it follows his wonderful 2019 full length ‘On A Clear Day I Can See You Forever’.

Out on July 14th, the new album takes its title from a John Cassavetes work – indeed, ‘Everyone Else Is A Stranger’ was the title of the original manuscript for his 1984 film Love Streams.

Lindstrøm explains: “When I read about it in Cassavetes’ biography, it felt like such a great title — and it felt so good to put it back out in the world again.” 

The new work features four tracks, each oscillating through outer-galactic disco realms. Opener – and lead single – ‘Syreen’ is a case in point, with aesthetic boundaries melting at its icy touch.

“I stumbled upon Syreen when working on a new uptempo track for my liveset. It means lilac in Norwegian, a flower that symbolize love and new beginnings,” comments Lindstrøm. “Nothing is more welcoming than the spring after a cold winter. Enjoy Syreen, the spring and life itself!””

Tune in now.

1. Syreen
2. Nightswim
3. The Rind
4. Everyone Else is a Stranger

Photo Credit: Lin Stensrud

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