But in a good way...
Lily Allen

Lily Allen has spoken about re-claiming the word 'bitch'.

Lily Allen is back and she means business. New track 'Hard Out Here' was a spectacular return, three minutes of pop sass which launched a thousand web-born think pieces.

The chorus is built around the refrain 'life is hard out here for a bitch' - and now Lily Allen has opened up about her attempts to re-claim the word.

"Dolly Parton is a bitch" she told The Observer. "Adele's a bitch. Angela Merkel is a bitch… Rihanna's an inspiring bitch, my mum, Miley's a bitch, rising. She's my hero."

However not everyone is granted bitch-status: "Kate Middleton is NOT a bitch."

Continuing, Lily Allen reflected on her outspoken status. "I've always been called 'mouthy', when, in fact, I'm just talking. In the music industry, women have always been controlled by male execs, told to do the Kate Moss thing. Keep your mouth shut, or people will laugh at you."

Reflecting on the state of the music industry, Lily Allen said: "Nobody says anything real today. Most of those girls have their songs written by other people. It annoys me, because 'eh oh eh oh ahh' is not a chorus – that's not a point where I feel 'we're connecting', you know? I need a narrative".

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