And Patrick Wolf agrees...

Foul mouthed pop minstrel Lily Allen has turned her wrath on file sharing, and urged fellow musicians to take a stand.

File sharing is a major issue in the modern record industry. With sales falling, many believe that widespread piracy on the internet is demolishing the belief that music is something that should be paid for.

Lily Allen is a member of the Featured Artists Coalition, which in general has a hands-off policy to file sharing. Speaking out on her MySpace blog the singer attacked this policy, arguing that file sharing hurts emerging acts.

"I think music piracy is having a dangerous effect on British music, but some really rich and successful artists like Nick Mason from Pink Floyd and Ed O'Brien from Radiohead don't seem to think so," she wrote.

"The Featured Artists Coalition [FAC] also says file sharing's fine because it 'means a new generation of fans for us'. This is great if you're a big artist at the back end of your career with loads of albums to flog to a new audience, but emerging artists don't have this luxury."

She added: "Basically the FAC is saying 'we're alright, we've made it, so file sharing's fine', which is just so unfair to new acts trying to make it in the industry."

Finishing, Lily Allen said: "I'm going to be writing (to) British artists, saying just this: File sharing's not okay for British music. We need to find new ways to help consumers access and buy music legally, but saying file sharing's fine is not helping anyone - and definitely not helping British music."

In a new move Patrick Wolf has just published a blog posting agreeing with Lily Allen. In a message titled 'SOS the Global Music Industry.... Go Team Lily!' the singer claimed that file sharing is crippling the music industry.

"I don't have a liberace helicopters and limousine lifestyle. I'm currently deciding wether i spend the last of my earnings this year from touring on recording the string and choir section of my new album or on the rent until december, just an example of how alot of other musicians have it. I dreamt as a teenager I would be able to buy a house one day, somewhere peaceful so that i could focus on writing and composing and perhaps set up a gorgeous studio with all the instruments I have collected to record and produce other bands."

"in the early 2000's it seemed likely but file sharing means that most musicians will probably just make ends meet their whole life now and most musicians dreams will have to be put aside for need for part time work and doing the odd gig and free download only single made on garageband."

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