Lily Allen 4 Gordon Brown

Singer backs PM

Prime Minister Gordon Brown hasn’t had his troubles to seek of late, but outspoken pop singer Lily Allen has given him her backing.

Despite the flimsy nature of much of Lily Allen’s music, the singer retains a special place in the heart of music fans. Perhaps it’s her unpretentious nature, her naughty lyrics or the fact that she really doesn’t care what anyone thinks, but Lily Allen remains a pop force almost without peer.

New album ‘Its Not Me, Its You’ soared into the charts at number one, buoyed by her hit single ‘The Fear’. After enduring a torrid time following some mis-quoted drugs statements Lily Allen travelled to the United States to kick up a fuss on the Stateside music scene.

Fresh from her flight back to Blighty new single ‘Not Fair’ has flown into the Top Ten despite some rather risqué lyrics. Never reluctant to voice her opinion on a variety of topics Lily Allen has recently waded into the murky world of politics.

Describing Gordon Brown as “a nice man” Allen insisted he still has her support. “Of course I’ll still vote for him,” Allen told British newspaper The Times.

“I can’t not vote Labour.”

With the global financial crisis still causing political turmoil Gordon Brown also has a faltering Speaker Of The House and the recent scandal concerning MPs expenses to contend with.

However despite her connections with Labour Lily Allen was recently approached to work with London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Named as a “cool guy” by Lily Allen, the singer was approached by the Conservative in an effort to help highlight a campaign against knife crime in the capital.

However due to a busy schedule Allen has yet to fulfil her commitment. “I could just turn up to something and shake people’s hands and have my photo taken, but I’d rather do something hands-on and actually achieve something,” she said.

“Boris wrote me a letter recently, but I’m not going to tell you what it’s about.”

In addition to promoting her new single Lily Allen also played a sensational set at Radio 1’s Big Weekend. Changing the lyrics to her songs as she went, Allen’s charisma and cheeky humour delighted fans at the Swindon event.

Lily Allen is currently on holiday in Africa but will return for the summer festival season with appearances scheduled for Glastonbury, T In The Park and many more.

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