Liily Share Explosive Statement ‘I Am Who I Think You Think I Am’

The LA group lay down a marker...

Liily tap into the darker side of Los Angeles.

A city with two sides – light and shade – the glitz that LA can offer is matched to elements of poverty, drug abuse, and isolation.

It's here that Liily emerge, with their biting post-punk recalling the energy of West Coast punk greats such as Germs and X, alongside contemporaries like Fontaines D.C. or Shame.

Caustic and deliberately raw, their new single 'I Am Who I Think You Think I Am' is a real statement, a crunching manifesto.

Out now, frontman Dylan Nash calls the single "my personification of the egregious nature of a hyper-accelerated culture and whatever is thrown into that machine no matter what the intention behind it is, it will only come out destructive…"

He says the single "personifies the dangers of hyper accelerated culture and the fear that it spreads. Molding all of that information into a monstrous being is my way of comfortably expressing any sort of observations that I make."

"I wanted to express how scary the culture is using its polarizing and hyperbolic rhetoric while hopefully doing the volatile instrumentation justice. Sam our guitar player did a great job in making a video that is a perfect shot by shot representation of the lyrics in its literal sense while encapsulating the intensity and energy of music." 

Produced by Joe Chicarelli and mixed by Alan Moulder, there's a real darkness to the sound, which is aligned to absolute, utter self-belief.

We've got first play of Liily's brand new video – check it out now.

Photo Credit: Kristy Benjamin

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