Liela Moss Returns With ‘Reward’

A potent new solo single...

Liela Moss has shared new single ‘Reward’.

As lead singer with The Duke Spirit the songwriter earned iconic indie status, before focussing on her solo output. 2023’s ‘Internal Working Order’ was rightly lauded, a daring, often dark return with a potent, personal edge.

New single ‘Reward’ opens her next chapter. Constructed alongside production duo and remixers IYEARA (Mark LaneganHumanist), it melts together indie tropes with some savage electronica.

Reminiscent of Nadine Shah’s recent work, or even prime PJ Harvey, ‘Reward’ finds Leila Moss questioning her motives, and seeking out new inspiration.

Lyrically, it matches the incisiveness of the production, with the songwriting asking profound questions. Liela explains…

This is me staring directly into feelings of insufficiency and asking, ‘what is this tension, this holding on?’ I want a life where wellbeing is not dependant on outcome, and I want to feel like I ride in a clear space. If all I want is ‘arrival’, then the journey is not so cool, is it? Can I, can we collectively, work hard to override the spell of the ego and instead be satisfied in the present moment? I’m looking for that place where ego subsides and that constant yearning is simply not there.

What if we could collectively, globally calm that ‘wanting’ down!? Dissolve the grip of the ego; contribute to existence rather than mine resources to temporarily ‘fix’ a desire… I’m writing about the vanity we all get caught up in.

Tune in now.

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