Hashimoto's disease could shorten his career...

Liam Gallagher has revealed that a thyroid condition could shorten his career.

The singer's new album 'Why Me? Why Not.' is out now, and it features the Oasis icon on feisty, bolshy form.

Toasting his 47th birthday with a hometown show in Manchester, Liam Gallagher also gave an interview to Beats 1.

Speaking to Matt Wilkinson, the singer explained that he had been diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease, which causes the immune system to attack the thyroid gland.

"I know singers that come up off that stage and not broke into a sweat," he said. "I'm sweating as soon as I say hello because it's said with verve. You know what I mean."

"So yeah, that's the way it's going to be and if it lasts 10 years, it lasts 10 years. If it lasts five years, it lasts five years. If it ends tomorrow, I've still had a f***ing blinder do you know what I mean ... [Hashimoto's disease] makes your voice a lot hoarser. That's some of the symptoms."

Other side effects of Hashimoto's disease include depression, muscle aches, and increased sensitivity to cold - it's a life long condition.

Not that Liam Gallagher has any regrets: "Yeah, it was getting here that was the best bit, wasn't it. Once you get there, you're like ... And it is mega. Trust me, it's still good."

"I'm ain't going to get any bigger. If anything, it's only going to get worse. You are in that zone now, you're looking about and you're going. All right. I kind of see what's going on but, it's all about the journey man."

The singer's revelation was praised by health organisations:

Liam Gallagher's new album 'Why Me? Why Not.' is out now.

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