Lewsberg’s ‘An Ear To The Chest’ Is A Spiky Indie Pop Joy

Ultra-minimalist guitar pop...

Dutch indie pop group Lewsberg have shared new single ‘An Ear To The Chest’.

The band are cult curiosities, deeply influential in their homeland and with a dogged UK following, too. New album ‘Out And About’ lands on September 15th, a sprightly 11-tracker that offers more skewed indie pop songwriting.

Take new single ‘An Ear To The Chest’. Out now, it’s an ultra-minimalist piece of guitar pop, the spiky one note guitar providing a nagging accompaniment for the vocal.

It’s simple but it works – reminiscent of early Pavement or those initial Go-Betweens singles, there’s also a slice of Wire in its helter skelter pop austerity.

As ever, the word play is riveting – both surreal and skewed, while offering something totally engaging. Singer and guitarist Arie Van Vliet says: 

“As you may know, I don’t like talking about my lyrics that much. But I can explain a bit about the last four words of this song. It is a reaction on the adage “Show, don’t tell”. A classic writing technique, used by authors to make a story more interesting. To let people experience a story, rather than just read (or hear) it. But what is so good about having your ‘experience’ spelled out by someone else? Let me just tell you a story the way I prefer it: descriptive, a little detached. “Don’t show, tell ’em.”

Tune in now.

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