Cos it's his manor...

An online campaign has been launched to build a statue of Wiley in Bow.

Like no other genre before it, grime's complex geography was central to understanding the music involved. Bow - postcode E3, fact fans - is arguably the birthplace of grime, the place where dark garage flipped into something other, something futuristic.

Appropriately, it's also Wiley's manor. Perhaps the finest MC in these Isles, Richard Cowie hails from Bow and has continually made reference to its environs in his music.

Over the past 24 hours an online campaign to erect a statue to Wiley in Bow has gathered pace. Hell, if Michael Jackson can get a statue of Craven Cottage - a place he visited precisely once in his life - then Wiley is surely overdue some kind of monument in light of his enormous service to British culture.

The notice reads:

"We the people feel very passionate about the public figures in our community who have helped shape our culture and environment as we've grown up from teenagers to young adults to mothers and fathers. As we journey through our day-to-day lives as commuters, as cyclists, as pedestrians and road users it's refreshing to be reminded of uplifting and entertaining role models, especially ones who were born and nurtured on the same streets as us".

"Richard Cowie (aka Wiley) has undoubtedly inspired an entire generation. A man who has put his heart and soul into what he believes in and consistently shows passion and perseverance".

"Making this happen won't be strenuous or daunting - it will be a joyous experience for all, with the community pulling together from all over London and it's surrounding cities. "Who knows? This may be the start of something amazing! With people all over the UK paying homage to the others who have motivated generations."

- - -

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and sign it!

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