Leonardo Barbadoro Returns with ‘Hybr Spiro’

A bold introduction to the Italian musician's forthcoming album, 'Musica Automata'...

Leonardo Barbadoro has shared his brand new single ‘Hybr Spiro’, released via Helical Records.

An intricately composed offering from the Italian musician, engineer and producer, ‘Hybr Spiro’ opens up a new chapter. Taken from Barbadoro’s forthcoming album ‘Musica Automata’, the track is a whole-hearted embrace of classical instruments and percussion, incorporating the sounds of a sousaphone, helicon, bassoon, trombone and more. Arriving alongside visuals captured by Tanja Busking in the iconic Logos Tetrahedron, the result is a delightfully unusual, meandering journey that takes a future-facing approach, entirely performed by robots. 

Formally known as Koolmorf Widesen, the artist has traversed Europe’s rave scene across the last decade. First discovering his ear for synthesisers and guitars after listening to his brother’s tape collection, the artist has gone on to perform alongside the likes of Apparat, Venetian Snares, DJ Spooky and 808 State.

Now experimenting with automated instruments and digital impulses, ‘Musica Automata’ elevates Barbadoro’s craft one step further and it set to release on November 3rd. Birthed from Leonardo’s crowdfunding campaign in 2018, the artist offers yet another glimpse into his current, sonic landscape.

Speaking on the track, Lorenzo from Helical records describes: “The percussion element – sometimes organic, sometimes peremptory, and mechanical – is a meticulously honed mechanism, which, before guiding the direction of a piece, embraces and counterpoints the harmonic section, infusing it with an unpredictable flow, in constant revolution, though rigorous and necessary in every beat.”

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