'Old Ideas' due next year

Leonard Cohen has revealed that he is set to release a new album titled 'Old Ideas' next year.

Leonard Cohen likes to keep his cards close to his chest. Rarely granting interviews, the singer has given fans a number of cryptic comments during concerts that suggested a new album could be in the offing.

The songwriter last released new material back in 2004, with 'Dear Heather' receiving near unanimous critical acclaim. Now it seems that Leonard Cohen has completed work on his new album, which will given the title 'Old Ideas'.

Arriving in Spain to collect a literary award, Leonard Cohen told assembled press that he was preparing to release a new album (via Reuters). 'Old Ideas' consists of ten previously unreleased tracks, with the singer commenting: "I've played it for a few people, and they seem to like it".

Asked if he had plans to tour, the singer replied: "God willing. I never quite know whether there's going to be a tour or not."

The singer arrived in Spain to collect the Principe de Asturias Prize for literature, the country's highest award for a writer who does not write in Spanish. Speaking at the ceremony, Leonard Cohen revealed that he had named his daughter Lorca in honour of the Spanish poet.

"He was the first poet that invited me to live in his world," Cohen said. "His landscape was extremely familiar to me. It was a landscape that was very close to silence, a landscape that arose out of the struggle with silence, which I myself was struggling with at the time."

Speaking to the crowd, the artist revealed a little of his own technique. "You know, when you're writing, you're always an absolute beginner. Each time you take up your guitar or sit by a blank page, you start from scratch. It's a struggle."

Leonard Cohen is set to release 'Old Ideas' next year.

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