"He was on TV, surrounded by chicks"

Motorhead star and former Hendrix roadie Lemmy has claimed that he was inspired to form a band by none other than Cliff Richard.

On the surface, Lemmy and Cliff Richard would seem poles apart. Lemmy is a leather clad rocker who role in Hawkwind and then Motorhead has marked him out as one of music's greatest outlaws.

Cliff Richard meanwhile is a Christian pin up, a man who has shunned sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll for more meaningful pleasures such as underlining passages in the New Testament.

However in a new interview Lemmy has claimed that he was first inspired to form a group after watching Cliff Richard shake his hips on British television. "I got my first record in 1958" the rock icon told Vice.

"I was pretty young then, and I saw this English singer, Cliff Richard, who is still going but is very different now from what he was then. He was on TV, surrounded by chicks trying to pull his clothes off. I said, “That’s for me. It doesn’t even look like work.” I found out later that it was, but it does have its advantages over working at the washing-machine factory."

Continuing, Lemmy reminisced about his first guitar. "My mother played Hawaiian guitar, right, but there was really bad action on it, if you know what I mean" he claimed.

"Nevertheless I put strings on it and took it to school during the week after exams, when you don’t do anything... And I was immediately surrounded by chicks. It worked like a charm, and I couldn’t even play the fucking thing".

Lemmy's life is set to be turned into a forthcoming motion picture. Roadie with Jimi Hendrix the rock icon played bass in British counter culture stars Hawkwind before forming Motorhead.

Still rockin' after 35 years, Motorhead are a British rock institution. Lemmy's biopic should be released next year.

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