Leith Ross Shares Dreamy New Single ‘Music Box’

"My only imaginary song so far..."

Leith Ross has shared their new single ‘Music Box’.

The songwriter’s new album ‘To Learn’ lands on May 19th, accompanied by a suitably titled deluxe edition – ‘To Learn, More’.

A bold musical talent, Leith Ross has an empathetic edge to her work. New single ‘Music Box’ is the perfect depiction of this – soft, airy, and dreamy, it dips into the sub-conscious only to emerge emboldened.

During ‘Music Box’ they sing: “Oh, the places in your dreams, are they fiction or memory? And if you listen for long enough, you’ll fall asleep.”

Beautifully done, there’s a sense of precision to Leith Ross’ work which illuminates their delicate lyrical touch. Leith comments… 

“‘Music Box’ is my only imaginary song so far, it’s not based on anything true, other than whatever is buried deep in my subconscious. Kind of like dreams, I guess, which is exactly what this song is trying to emulate. It’s a spooky little song about a made up adventure. An ode to daydreaming and the fantastical!”

Tune in now.

Please Credit: Meredith Truax

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