It's a collection of four short stories...

London group Legss have shared their new 'Writhing Comedy' EP - tune in now.

The band laid down the material at Snorkel Studios earlier this year, an exploration through shards of post-punk leaning guitar noise.

Lyrically, Legss seem adept at picking apart the absolute state of the country right now, while adding a personal slant.

For the barbed wire riffing of the title track Legss add a scene from a "badly organised city-centre protest" while 'La Charge' is an acerbic look at South London.

At times perplexing but always rewarding, 'Writhing Comedy' feels vital, with its stabbing, urgent musicality setting the group apart from their peers.

The band's Edward Green comments:

The four small stories contained within the release are all aware of their unmelodious shortcomings, and are, if anything, celebratory of the fact; melody suspended.

‘Writhing Comedy’, the title track and lead single, is a scene from a badly organised city-centre protest. The chorus’ reeling off of hyperbolic banalities is typical of any sun-stroked, estranged protester, whilst the verse’s responses are those from an inexperienced security guard.

‘Graduate Scheme’ attempts to ridicule the clichés of post-university work placements in the arts, ‘Mark/Martin’ is a Jekyll and Hyde composition, mirroring boredom/vertigo, and ‘La Charge’ takes a stab at the band members themselves and their surrounding area of South London.

Tune in now.

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