It's due for release on October 8th
Lee Ranaldo

Lee Ranaldo is set to release new album 'Last Night On Earth' via Matador on October 8th.

Very much the George Harrison of Sonic Youth, the band's demise has allowed the guitarist to embark on a new creative streak. Last year's solo album 'Between The Times and The Tides' was a wonderfully adept document, a display of focussed songwriting which fused Ranaldo's avant garde streak with some real pop flourishes.

Using ongoing collective The Dust (Alan Licht, Steve Shelley and Tim Luntzel) the guitarist has now completed work on a follow up. 'Last Night On Earth' will be released on October 8th, with Matador once again providing Lee Ranaldo with safe harbour.

New track 'Lecce, Leaving' emerged online a few moments ago, and it's a fantastic introduction to the new album.

A fetid, distorted grunge track you can listen to it below.

Lee Ranaldo is set to release new album 'Last Night On Earth' on October 8th. Tracklisting:

1. Lecce, Leaving
2. Key/Hole
3. Home Chds
4. The Rising Tide
5. Last Night On Earth
6. By The Window
7. Late Descent #2
8. Ambulancer
9. Blackt Out

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