Lee Fields Links With Daptone For ‘Sentimental Fool’

Listen to the deep, soulful title cut...

Lee Fields has laid out plans for new album ‘Sentimental Fool’.

The American artist released his first album in 1969, but broader success eluded him until the 90s. With a commitment to a raw, gusty sound, his approach mirrored the deep funk crate-diggers movement, and saw the singer’s ecstatic performances reach a much broader audience.

New album ‘Sentimental Fool’ flips the script once more, with Lee Fields joining the Daptone Records family for the first time. A kindred spirit and close friend of the label, Daptone founder Gabriel Roth (aka Bosco Mann) produces the incoming record.

“I wanted to cut a different kind of record and really give Lee room to sing,” explains Mann. “We took our time and got painfully deep into every one of these tunes, stripping them down to pure feeling – no effort spared, no empty gestures remaining. Lee might be the greatest singer alive and I don’t think he’s ever sung better than on these sessions.”

For his part, Lee Fields adds: “With Gabe’s efforts I feel like this album depicts me as the full character that I am. I’m all about emotions. This album allowed me to show what I’m capable of doing. Not to say that my vocal ability goes beyond others, but I’m able to figure out the math to get the feeling you’re looking for. I’m not trying to outdo any singer, but I can interpret the feeling. I can make someone cry if I want to.  It’s always the challenge of trying to make something deeper. On this record I go deeper than I’ve ever gone.”

The title cut is online now, with a scorching, gospel-infused vocal that leans on Lee Fields’ decades-worth of experience in order to reveal his innermost emotions exposed.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Gustavo Olivares

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