Limber up and watch these hypnotic videos...

Peluché make music that seems to swarm up and down your body.

A hypnotic, deeply physical experience, the three-piece match hallucinogenic tones to that endless percussive drive.

In short: it makes you want to move... A LOT.

Peluché have crafted a series of videos to help you do that, and it deftly expands on the creative realm set out by recent album 'Unforgettable'.

A nimble video trilogy, the beautifully shot clips flow into one another, a kind of yoga led dance routine that delivers a real sense of calm.

We're able to share all three videos, as well as an introduction from Peluché themselves...

While writing our album 'Unforgettable' we danced a lot. In the kitchen. In the garden. In the shed. In the streets. Often we would dance together, sometimes with Amy's mum too, to some experimental jazz or Ibiza club classics, and then we would go up to the shed to jam some ideas, so the movements we made were always flowing through the music as we played. We even sleep dance too sometimes, and once we all woke up at the disco together.

We made these videos in collaboration with Jordan from TENENTNET so that we could share the techniques we created. We wanted people to be able to experience the inspiration and sensations we felt while moving our bodies in rhythm with a beat and groove, rising and falling with a melody.

“The Rocking Dove” is a good move to try when you are feeling like you need some peace and space in your life. It requires balance and co-ordination, and will bring you a calm feeling. The wrists spin together upwards and downwards as the wings of the bird fly.

“The Dip Hip Surrender” is designed to be an inclusive dance of togetherness. It helps you reconnect with friends and family during emotional times. The hips are a key part of this move and require synchronicity with whoever participates. This move also involves an element of improvisation – the arms can express whichever movement you feel in the moment.

“Stop In The Name Of Love Before You Break My Heart” is a striking dance which will get everyone in the club joining in. You can try this technique in hard and stressful times and it will rejuvenate you – step it up to whichever speed you want – the faster the better.

The dance moves we have documented can be applied to a variety of situations (and indeed to many different pieces of music) and we go through, step by step, the components of each technique to make it easier for people to follow and participate. At first, the combination of moves may be overwhelming, but as with anything it is important to keep practicing and not to give up.

The moves can all be practiced solo or with friends and family, or, at advanced levels they can even be practiced around strangers, in a club environment. Each move brings a different feeling, but try for yourself and see how they work for you.

- - -

Limber up, watch the videos below, and get involved!

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