Le Junk’s ‘America’ Is A Digi-Pop Daydream

The video links back to classic cinema...

Le Junk has no intentions of travelling in a straight line.

The digi-pop riser has shared a flurry of singles throughout 2021, each one existing in its own world.

New release 'America' is a dreamy return, the perfect fusion of light and dark underneath an alt-pop chassis.

Matching synthetic textures against his urgent vocal, Le Junk uses 'America' as a lens to look at modern frailties more generally.

As he puts it: “‘America’ is about the fears and tensions of modern life, using America as the poster child of the West to depict a nightmare of violent crime and prescription drug abuse, neglected by consumerism and political denial. Desperate to escape recurring feelings of frustration and helplessness and wake up from a world preoccupied by superficiality.”

The video features Le Junk half asleep on the New York subway, his dreams – informed by scenes from classic cinema – interwoven around his drifting path.

An arresting watch, you can check it out now.

Catch Le Junk at Paper Dress Vintage in London on November 11th.

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