As claims against Modular continue...
Tame Impala

Tame Impala hooked up with Australian label Modular for their first two album releases, with 'Innerspeaker' and 'Lonerism' going on to achieve international success.

Now, though, BMG - the rights management organisation - has filed a lawsuit against the imprint, founder Steve Pavlovic, Universal Music Group, and Universal Music Australia, following allegations of missing royalties.

As Billboard report, the lawsuit claims that in 2014 Modular obtained the rights to distribute Tame Impala's material. However BMG claims that these payments failed to occur, with a lawsuit now being filed.

Responding to this, Universal Music Australia has argued that since neither it or Modular were in communication with BMG over licensing the band's music.

Instead, the label posit that a different company, founded by Pavlovic, is responsible for the non-payment of royalties. Billboard points to the following statement:

"Mr Pavlovic, who is no longer employed by Modular Recordings, has confirmed that this matter has nothing to do with Universal Music Australia or Modular Recordings in Australia. Universal Music Australia and Modular Recordings are confident that the claim against them is baseless and will be withdrawn or dismissed by the Court."

The case is ongoing.

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