Detailing their relationship and his death...
Lou Reed

Laurie Anderson has written an extraordinary, deeply moving account of her relationship with Lou Reed.

Amidst the kilometres of print afforded to placing Lou Reed's life and work in full perspective, no single work stood out with more emotional impact than Laurie Anderson's short tribute to her husband.

Deeply moving, the New York artist has now penned a longer piece for Rolling Stone. Examining the full impact of the relationship on her life, Anderson reflects on the path their relationship took before detailing the health issues Lou Reed faced towards the end of his life.

First meeting at an arts festival in Munich in 1992, Laurie Anderson admits that she wasn't quite sure who the Velvet Underground were. "I was surprised he didn't have an English accent," she wrote. "For some reason I thought the Velvet Underground were British, and I had only a vague idea what they did. (I know, I know.) I was from a different world."

Soon becoming romantically intertwined, the relationship was to last 21 years and dominate their lives. "Lou and I played music together, became best friends and then soul mates, traveled, listened to and criticized each other's work, studied things together (butterfly hunting, meditation, kayaking). We made up ridiculous jokes; stopped smoking 20 times; fought; learned to hold our breath underwater; went to Africa; sang opera in elevators; made friends with unlikely people; followed each other on tour when we could; got a sweet piano-playing dog; shared a house that was separate from our own places; protected and loved each other. "

Over the past decade Lou Reed suffered variously from Hepatitis C treatments, liver cancer, and diabetes but refused to give up fighting until the very last moments of his life, when he died, peacefully, at home.

"I'm sure he will come to me in my dreams and will seem to be alive again. And I am suddenly standing here by myself stunned and grateful. How strange, exciting and miraculous that we can change each other so much, love each other so much through our words and music and our real lives."

The entire piece is well worth reading - find it HERE.

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