"At least I give a fucking shit. What can you say in exchange?"

Lauren Mayberry has penned a response to a review of CHVRCHES' new album.

The band's new album 'Love Is Dead' arrives tomorrow (May 25th) and some of the reviews have already gone live.

Stereogum's Chris DeVille writes: “In conjunction with pursuing a broader sound, she aimed for a broader lyrical approach, expanding beyond personal romantic entanglements toward reflections on the end of empathy and the resilience necessary to imagine a better future. The vagueness that has always made her lyrics such a cipher extends to these more globally minded numbers, but that’s not always a problem.”

Lauren Mayberry - herself a former music critic - was moved to pen a full response, arguing: “I try never to read reviews about our band or our music but today I read something that made me think (again) that this rhetoric is kind of bullshit… If you don’t like the music, fine. If you don’t like the band, fine. If you don’t like me, fine / I feel you 99% of the time. But please don’t make this music and this record a symbol or scapegoat for something.”

“Our music has recently been complimented more ‘in hindsight’ because there was an ‘outspoken’ woman in the band, but I have sure as shit had enough of it being overly praised or crucified because our band had people in it who bothered to have common sense opinions about common sense things.”

“But looking down your nose at songs as ‘fight songs for the resistance’ is pretentious, weak behaviour that means more than you think it does – and weirdly says more about you than it does about its creator.”

“You can write a crappy album review and feel smart and what do I give a shit. But don’t minimise the ‘resistance’ as a comical joke/a stupid thing that you think is funny or smart because you are privileged enough to not actually have to think about it in real terms. It actually matters to people who live outside of you moment/life/world view, so shame on you. Maybe I live in my ‘inter personal comfort zone’ but at least I give a fucking shit. What can you say in exchange?”

Check out Lauren's full statement below.

'Love Is Dead' will be released on May 25th.

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