Lauren Auder Returns With ‘we2assume2many2roles’

"A song about contradiction..."

Lauren Auder returns with new single ‘we2asume2many2roles’.

The multi-disciplinary artist last released a substantial project in 2021, with her excellent ‘5 Songs For The Dysphoric’ EP. Last year’s ‘Hauntology’ continues Lauren’s journey, before she seemed to withdraw, pondering her next step.

The British-French artist breaks her cover with this absorbing new song, a dense, layered piece of electronics that feels fully three-dimensional. Lyrically, Lauren Auder discusses the mesh of contradictions that weave through our lives, and how we can learn to accept peace.

Playing on tension and resolution, there’s a strong narrative feel to ‘we2assume2many2roles’. She comments…

‘we2assume2many2roles’ is a song about contradiction. How in denying the clashing aspects of our being pushes us further from understanding. to be full is to be at peace with the confused and confusing.

Tune in now.

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Photo Credit: Crown & Owls

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