Laurel Violet’s ‘Deep Lake’ Is An Ethereal Jewel

Tune in now...

Laurel Violet has shared her beautiful new song ‘Deep Lake’.

The composer has a classical background, adept on multiple instruments. A hugely talented artist, she moved to Bristol a few years back, and the city’s easy-going creativity helped to amplify her talents.

Fusing this aural beauty with a more straight-ahead songwriting style, her first album ‘Panchaia’ made a deep impression on its release in 2021.

New song ‘Deep Lake’ is a shimmering return, its ethereal splendour reminiscent of Hania Rani, Poppy Ackroyd and Hammock. A song about tapping into feelings that are sometimes ignored, it’s a riveting, though gentle, experience.

The full video airs through Clash, and it uses the motions of a dancer in order to point towards optimism.

Laurel Violet comments…

Deep Lake is an emotional journey about exploring the feelings that lie under the surface. I wanted the track to express these feelings of chaos and despair, but end in hopefulness and optimism – like a form of catharsis. The dancer in the film expressed these feelings through movement and by throwing herself into the landscape as a symbol of giving up control, and giving into that feeling.”

Tune in now.

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