Laura Misch Shares Acoustic Album ‘Sample The Earth’

She performs at the Union Chapel in London on September 19th...

London musician and sound artist Laura Misch has released her acoustic sister-album ‘Sample The Earth’, via One Little Independent Records.

It follows her acclaimed debut, ‘Sample The Sky’, the focus of our CLASH Issue 127 interview with Misch, and is a new collection rendered and regrown from original tracks. The re-imagining was born from a mapped “Forest Sound Walk” in Sydenham Woods, and curated in collaboration with eco-social design studio Holobiont. Misch performed stripped back versions of the tracks using only her unamplified voice and saxophone with Marysia Osu on harp. She then collaborated with engineer and producer Oli Barton-Wood to create a live recorded studio performance with just an audience of close friends; the two focused on unearthing a new raw sound, extrapolating woody tones and analogue tape delays.

Of the intimate and ritualistic recording experience, Misch shares: “As an electronic producer I’m used to being able to sculpt sound, but this record was really a process of surrendering to the vulnerability of live recording and being held by others in that process. I said to Oli that I wanted it to feel like the forest. We had the harp with its gut strings, wooden guitars, and the saxophone which is a reed instrument. There was still something low and drone-like missing, so we invited Emma to play cello. I feel like ‘Sample The Earth’ holds its own as a world, that it’s not a sequel to ‘Sample The Sky’ but its own individual entity and as such, a sister.” 

‘Sample The Earth’ sees Misch recontextualise the original album – which was created as a romantic relationship came to its end – as a tether to her community and the natural world. “I think I needed to find a way to evolve the music, and in the most respectful of ways; you can love something so deeply and the work that you made, but still have a painful relationship with it. So this process was a kind of healing. To be able to gather with my band and friends and regrow it. This ties into the communal aspect, I think the emotion underneath it all was grief, grief for the relationship, but also grief for the wider world. In coming together, it was very cathartic,” she says.

Laura Misch performs her new reworks for the first time with a live band at Union Chapel in London on September 19th.

Photo Credit: Sian O’Gorman

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