Las Robertas Share Tropical Psych Workout ‘Our Imperium’

El Rayo handles the visuals...

Las Robertas have shared their new single ‘Our Imperium’.

The band are based in Costa Rica, and their tropical hangout also serves as a portal into psychedelic dimensions. Cosmic sounds, Las Robertas were discovered by producer Owen Morris – The Verve, Oasis – while on holiday, and he helps steer their incoming album ‘Love Is The Answer’.

Out on February 3rd, the record is trailed by cosmic new statement ‘Our Imperium’. Amid the hazy psych-pop textures and looping bassline, Las Roberts singer Mercedes Oller intones a feminist anthem, pushing back against patriarchal expectations.

A song that embodies a very quiet sense of discipline, ‘Our Imperium’ carries an emphatic self-belief “Being a woman in this world and these times is not easy, we all have to fight situations and train to become the best warriors we could ever be,” she comments. “We all wish for a promised land, and we’ll get there together.” 

Costa Rican designer Alejandro Arturo, known as El Rayo, crafts the video, which dips into some vintage 90s shoots in the process. El Rayo explains: “Inspired by 90s psychedelia and high contrast videos from that decade, we came up with this dramatic and soothing sequence. The lyrics really struck me at first glance. When Mercedes explained to me where they came from, I felt a need to deliver her message in the visuals too.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Naza Quiros

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