Lana Lubany’s ‘ANOTHER YEAR’ Searches For A Flow State

The beautiful video was shot in Jordan...

Lana Lubany has shared new single ‘ANOTHER YEAR’.

Out now, the single follows last year’s exceptional, eight-track project ‘The Holy Land’. Continuing her rise, ‘ANOTHER YEAR’ taps into Lana’s creative bedrock, while also extending ever outwards, embracing fresh ideas.

A song that taps into her idea of creativity, ‘ANOTHER YEAR’ aims for a flow state – that feeling of immersive bliss that comes with being caught in the moment during a studio session.

Melting together alt-R&B, pop, and more, it acts as a release of pent-up emotion. She comments…

For me, the song came from a place of fatigue as I was navigating through my own draining pattern, but I feel like it can be applied to many situations. When Ben and I wrote it, we entered a flow state, leaving behind all our problems and our worries. It was really therapeutic.” 

Joel Barney directs the video, which was filmed in Jordan. Lana adds: “in the video, I find myself stuck in a loop, waking up in different spots in the same recurring nightmare. This fever dream world is unfair, but it is held together with hope and resurrection, in the form of flowers that are consistently watered and revived.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Karine Lubany

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