'Chelsea Hotel #2' gets re-worked
Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has offered up a cover version of Leonard Cohen's classic track 'Chelsea Hotel #2'.

Lana Del Rey can be difficult to keep track of. After all that's not her real name - and Lissie Grant's breakthrough LP wasn't even her first album. Yet work on a follow up remains ongoing.

Currently in the studio, Lana Del Rey is busy constructing her second (or is that her third?) LP, but she recently chose to give fans an Easter surprise. 'Chelsea Hotel #2' was written by Leonard Cohen during his stay at the legendary New York hotel, and forms part of the spine of his fantastic 1974 album 'New Skin For Old Ceremony'.

Re-worked by Lana Del Rey, the singer placed the track online last night.

Watch a clip for 'Chelsea Hotel #2' below.

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Lana Del Rey is currently constructing album #2.


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