L Devine
Her new mixtape is out now...

L Devine has shared full short film 'Peer Pressure' - tune in now.

Raised in the North East town of Whitley Bay, L Devine has travelled all the way to Hollywood in pursuit of her pop fantasies.

Debut mixtape 'Growing Pains' charted her rise, with follow up 'Peer Pressure' adding the second chapter to her story.

Out now it's a pop phantasia, a blissfully creative return that pits ragged realism against a sense of old school cinematic glamour.

Director Emil Nava constructs the accompanying short film, and it's soft focus colouring works alongside L Devine's daring songwriting.

She comments: “The ‘Peer Pressure’ film picks up where ‘Growing Pains’ ended. I’ve left the comfort of my hometown Whitley Bay and my friends and family and I’m now trying to find my place in the world as an adult.”

“The film shows me roaming the streets of a lonely Hollywood, fantasising about killing my peers and feeling like an alien outcast from another planet, dressed up in an astronaut suit. These themes symbolise my feelings and experiences navigating through existential crises, toxic relationships and anxiety whilst still being a young person who goes to parties, and has fun, makes music and falls in love.”

Tune in now.

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