Kylie Minogue Guests On Jessie Ware’s Table Manners

When two pop queens collide...

Kylie Minogue and Jessie Ware discuss pop, food, and more on the latest episode of Table Manners.

Jessie Ware (and her mum!) chair the podcast, which earned huge acclaim during lockdown for its friendly manner and revealing questioning.

Kylie Minogue is the latest artist to appear on the podcast, and the Australian pop icon is at her most open during this cross-examination.

With her new album incoming, she tells the hosts: "It’s starting to feel more real now, album promo. First single I literally was like I know it’s out there, you know when it becomes real… one of your friends will say: hey I just heard your song on the radio!"

"My sister called me from Australia in the back of a car coming home from work and she was like ‘it’s on the radio right now’ and then it becomes real, but not flying around like a maniac, not traipsing around to do all the usual stuff yeah it felt quite odd, kind of nice. I mean it would be nicer to be able to go to Australia and see my family and all that!"

Kylie took the reins on the new album, working directly with producers while flexing her own recording skills. "I did most of my vocals at home," she says. "Normally it is the producer who is engineering will remote access my designated laptop so no emails or reminders pop up. But in watching that, I started to learn the basics of Logic and now I can say ‘yeah, I’ll get them to you later’. I even had to move the studio once the album was done, I thought ‘it’s a bit in the way here, let’s get it to another zone’".

Looking ahead, Kylie is desperate to perform live once more, and broached the idea of an in-the-round show. "As and when we can and when it is a viable thing and safe for everyone, sign me up. My dream for this tour would be to perform in The Round which I’ve never really done, have the world’s biggest disco ball above and make just a big love fest!"

Jessie Ware also suggested a potential collaboration: “We should write together one day. I would love that!”

Listen to the episode here:

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