KOKOKO! Release Two In-Your-Face Singles

"Amps smoking, wires melting and the crowd losing it..."

The experimental electronic collective KOKOKO! have released two new energy-infused singles ‘Polo Muneni’ and ‘Nasali Nini’. The Congolese collective formed in the heart of Kinshasa City and are known for their creative collusion of contemporary artists providing everything from instruments sculpted from up-cycled materials such as metal, cans, engine parts and plastic containers to dancers, performance artists, producers and musicians. 

The no holds barred sound emanates the city around them, expressing the harsh realities of the political landscape and the exploitation of their countries natural resources by much of the world at large through a radical collaborative spirit channelled into art. 

Following their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Fongola’, which garnered mass support from major publications, earned them plays on 6Music and spurred a world tour, the group have continued in their mission to spread their politically charged and infectiously distorted dance music with as many people who will listen with the two new singles, released through Transgressive Records.

The group described the releases as “more electronic and percussive, focussing on the night time atmospheres of Kinshasa – filled with energy and everything from the equipment to the sound system pushed to their limit. With amps smoking, wires melting and the crowd losing it. It’s a huge truck coming forward at you. Elongi na Elongi – face to face!” 

The group is currently touring, we heavily recommend catching this exhilarating sound live.

Tap in below.

Words: Oshen Douglas McCormick

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