Kofi Flexxx Shatters Expectations With ‘Apothecary’

With the aid of billy woods...

London based creative Kofi Flexxx has shared his startling new single ‘Apothecary’.

The artist has close ties with some of the central figures in UK music, yet remains devoutly in the shadows. Perhaps that’s how he likes it – crafting complex, dynamic music, Kofi refuses to play the game.

New release ‘Apothecary’ was produced by Shabaka Hutchings, a pivotal figure within UK jazz and a stellar multi-instrumentalist. Appearing behind the boards, he somehow manages to get Kofi’s dense artistry down on tape.

With a guest feature from underground US rap figure billy woods, ‘Apothecary’ sits in between many genres, asserting a sound of its own. Continually in evolution, the song moves effortlessly past creative boundaries.

Released on Shabaka’s label Native Rebel Recordings, you can check out ‘Apothecary’ below.

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