It's an emotional glimpse into her world...

KLOE has dropped emotional new track 'UDSM'.

The Glasgow artist has pieced together a two-part journey, one that reveals a slightly more vulnerable side to her personality.

'UDSM' is online now, and it was inspired by a very real life sense of heartbreak that occurred at a vulnerable moment in KLOE's life.

She explains: “I am so proud to present Part 1 of my 2 part video story, UDSM. I wrote the song at the tail end of last year after being humiliated by a boy in a bar in Camden. I had just begun to go out in London and was experiencing chaotic city life for the first time. I was 18, new to the industry and full of wonder. So after he kissed some girl, without a second thought, I ran out of the bar and walked around Camden alone crying my eyes out. All I wanted to do was get absolutely obliterated. I wanted to show people - the vulnerable, naive side of me.”

Check it out now.

Part Two of 'UDSM' is forthcoming.

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