Electronic specks litter their new composition...

London based collective Kinkajous blend jazz composition with club culture tropes.

Opening up a conversation between two striking areas of musical exploration, they root themselves in the physical impact sound can have.

New single 'Loke' is a case in point. A challenging, deeply fascinating piece of work, it places out there horn lines against speckles of electronics.

Drummer Benoit Parmentier leads the charge, his subtle, stylish pulse providing the framework for Kinkajous to do their thing.

He explains: "We like to imagine 'Loke' has, in some ways, been influenced by old science fiction movies, with their retro-futuristic aesthetic and themes like the relationship between man and technology. The track has these elements that feel both futuristic and nostalgic at the same time. It was important for us to blend the warm vintage synth and Rhodes sounds with some sharper, brighter elements to really capture this sense of duality."

"We also tried to recreate that in the way the track is structured. It is a very synth heavy at the start, with a lot of pads and arpeggiators layered on intricate rhythms, then focuses on bringing a very organic quality during the solos. It eventually all merges into one at the end of the sax section, and all together becomes this immense wall of sound that feels like high speed travel through time and space."

Matching Rhodes and saxophone to a Minimoog Model D, 'Loke' became the template for half the tracks on their incoming album.

Check it out now.

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